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I got a good one this was for the books because know about what is my face shape? It is so important, and how you know what is your face shape?.

You hear every style guru including myself telling you that you need to wear the right glasses for your face shape. Or the right facial hair for your face ship. 

The right hairstyle for your facial, but you’re probably sitting there thinking what the hell is my face shape this whole time. 

I thought it was just a circle I get it, it’s frustrating. So I’m gonna show you two surefire ways to know exactly. What is my face shape and knows about your face shape?

You can use in the future that sounds interesting let’s hop it. 

1. First Method To Find Face Shape

You’re gonna go have to find a mirror or take a picture of your face straight on ahead look at the eight following points. 

It’s gonna be the middle of your forehead the corners of your forehead your chin your cheekbones right here. 


You’re gonna feel a bone right here are these two cheekbones and finally, your jawline which is right back here where your jaw turns. 


So look at these points as well then using a flexible measuring tape measure across each of these points and write them down dynamometers will probably be the most precise way to do it. 

If you’re stuck in between just round ups don’t round down and basically when you look at the points. 


If you were to take a picture and draw a cross they built four lines and basically the proportions of the lines will help determine what is face my face shape and what type of your face shape.

Types of Face Shapes Male

i. Oval Face Shape

For example, if you have an oval face what you’re gonna notice is that the top half of your face and the bottom half of your face are very similar. 

So if you haven’t oval you’ll notice that your vertical centerline will be longer than your middle centerline which is your cheekbone line. 

ii. Square Face Shape

If that’s the case you probably have an oval the second face shape is a square face to determine. 


If you have a square face your forehead line and your jawline will be of similar length this is what gives you that perfect square. You probably have a lot of angular shapes on your face. 

iii. Round Face Shape

The third face shape is the round face shape, your vertical line and your horizontal line will be a very similar length. 


However, where it differs from the square face is that your face probably lacks definition in the jawline area and you have more of like a Halfmoon shape. 


Which is what gives you that circular face versus a more angular squared-off face. 

iv. Heart Face Shape

The fourth face shape is the heart face. The top forehead line is larger than the jawline which means your face tapers from your forehead to your chin. 


Almost an upside-down triangle format and these people usually have a pointy chin. 


v. Diamond Face Shape

The fifth base shape is the diamond face shape. This face shape is very similar to the heart face shape the only difference here is that the forehead line is not as wide as the heart. 


Instead, your forehead line comes in to form what is a diamond. So your forehead line comes in it goes out to your cheekbones and then it goes back in to form that pointy chin. 

If this is the case for you what you’re gonna notice is that your center line and your cheekbone line will be the longest lines on your face. 

Which gives you that diamond face shape pretty easy right. When somebody actually breaks it down for you, you’re like wait this is not as hard as I thought. 

2. Method Number Two

How to determine my face shape? 

This one is you just basically asking yourself three simple questions. It’s not as effective as the first one, but if you do it right you could easily as well determine your face shape. 

So if you thought the previous method was a little bit too complicated or too much time-consuming, you’re gonna do the same thing. 

You’re gonna need to look at yourself in the mirror or take a selfie of you straight on and again look at all those same points that I talked about in the beginning.

How-do I-know-the-shape-of-my-face

What is the widest part of my face? 

The first question you’re gonna ask yourself is what is the widest part of my face? Let’s say you say it’s your forehead then that means that your face probably tape. 


If this is your widest part your face probably tapers down to your chain which would mean that you have a heart-shaped face. 

If it’s your cheekbones it could be that you probably have a round face where you’re with your cheekbone length and your face length are equal. 


The other face shape that has this feature, as well as the diamond face shape. You would notice the difference because your forehead wouldn’t be as wide and would come on it brings us to. 

What is the shape of my jaw?

The second question you’re gonna ask yourself to be able to determine and it’s what’s the shape of my jaw?

If it’s soft those are notes like I just mentioned usually associated with the round face. If it’s more angular and square then you’re probably considered more of squared face shape.

If it’s pointy just like I mentioned previously then you probably have a hard face. 

What is the length of my face? 

Finally, the third question you’re going to ask yourself is what is the length of my face? 

If it’s short and stumpy then you probably have a round face and if your longest width or your longest point is your face length. Then you probably have an oval face shape

Which is the one that every guy wants and that’s basically it guys that’s your simple method on how to determine your face shape.

3. How do I know the shape of my face?

Trust me guys if you follow the two methods that I have explained, you will definitely understand what is your face shape.

If you have confusion then you can use the following app that I explained how you can find what is your face shape.

4. What is my face shape app?

If you still didn’t what is your face shape, then you can go for the app. Guys, I’m giving you a link you can buy the app and use so that you cleared to know about your face shape.

App Link: My Face Shape Meter

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can use this app. After installation Face Shape Meter, then open it, you can see that at the bottom camera sign.

Then you can take a picture on the spot or you can choose a photo from your Photo Library.

When the photo is opened, then you can see that (+) sign around my face. You have to move these arrows and adjust according to your face shape.

When you adjusted your arrows click at the bottom “Show Face Shape”. You will get a fantastic result and you will know about your face shape just in seconds. 

5. What is the most attractive face shape?

Most people ask me what is the most attractive face shape. My opinion is that the most attractive face shape is Oval face shape that every guy wants.





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