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10 Signs She is Not Interested Anymore – This topic has to do with all of my brothers to know the signs she is not interested anymore, my brother stands up one time brothers what is your profession. 

So as a guy there are so many things that we deal with when it comes to relationships. I know that’s the R-word that a lot of us are afraid of for some of us.

So as a guy there are so many things that we deal with when it comes to relationships. I know that’s the R-word that a lot of us are afraid of for some of us.

It’s a four-letter word, but relationships should never be something that we’re afraid of and speaking from personal experience. 

I do understand that there are so many different ways that the female, the woman the other part of who we are as a society that there were a lot of signs. 

They can give that are kind of gray that are kind of shady that we don’t know exactly what they’re thinking or what their motive is. 

But on the other hand, there are some signs that are very clear and all I want to do today is give y’all brothers some help so without further ado these are the ten Signs She is Not Interested Anymore.

Physical Contact or Eye contact

Number one would seem simple, but it’s one of those things that you have to really be aware of your surroundings and also her as an individual. 

Signs to Know that She’s Not Interested Anymoreis if she avoids physical contact or eye contact with you. 

I know that that might be rough like oh she’s looking at the wall or she’s playing with her hair. 


But you can really tell if she’s interested just based off, of the way that your physical encounters with her are at the beginning of your relationship. 

Have you ever went in for a hug and you get the little side brother hug on the side, most women most people. 

If they’re interested in you, if they’re attracted to you, they’re going to make them do that, and one way they do that is showing that they’re not as reserved with their physical space. 

Also if you’re interested in something usually that’s the focal point of where your gaze is that’s where your eyes are you might look left and right every once in a while. 

But the focal point is the person that you’re focusing on, if she ain’t looking at you, then move next point-like. 

Deal With Her(Signs She is Not Interested Anymore)

Number two has to deal with if she never laughs at any of your jokes or if she doesn’t find you naturally funny. 

I’m not saying you have to be a Jim Carrey or an Eddie Murphy or a Martin Lawrence. 

But the fact of the matter is, is that if you do your best to flirt and most guys in the early stages of relationships, they’re flirting is telling jokes and trying to get her to laugh. 


Because that’s one of the easiest ways from any person to know if they’re making headway with somebody. So if you’re trying really hard to make her laugh and it just ain’t working, she ain’t interested. 

Know Her Interests

Number three happens a little bit further down the road once the relationship hasn’t have been established and you guys have basically shown that you’re both interested. 

If she acts totally different when she’s around other people than she is when she’s with you alone. 

She’s probably not as interested as she says that she is a woman a girl that’s interested in you and this is her game. 


This is for girls as well any individual that is genuinely interested in who you are as a person their demeanor and the way they carry themselves should not change. 

No matter who’s in the room, so if you and you’re alone the person is all about you, you get eye contact they’re laughing at jokes and this that and the other and then all of a sudden when other friends come around or other people are around. 

Now you’re like the worst thing that she’s ever seen in her life, now you ain’t the one. 

Person’s Personal Space (Signs She is Not Interested Anymore)

Next up whenever you make plans and she is either always too busy or she flops on them when you are genuinely interested in someone men or women don’t really matter in this. 

In this case, you are going to do anything and everything you can to be in that person’s personal space or to have time with them. 

Now today it’s a little bit different because personal time with people now is through FaceTime Skype and things like that. 

So you don’t have to physically be with them but if every time you try to hint at hanging out or hey. 


What are you doing this weekend or hey what are you doing tomorrow or hey what are you doing a month from now and they always either have something else planned. 

They just say randomly hey that they’re too busy to hang out they’re probably not as busy as they say, they are because you have to think about it. 

This way people make time for those that they care about and also those that they genuinely are interested in. If she is always busy and never has time to hang out no need I say more. 

Quickest Way

Number six is one of the quickest ways for any person to be put into the friend zone or the family zone. 

Listen if she ever calls you bro is done it’s, it’s over with I don’t know any girl that has ever been in 12 how many women are interested in me shitty bang that’s terrible low-key. 

I ain’t kidding if she calls you brother that’s almost like her subliminal way of letting you know to back, back, and give me 50 feet. 

Because the only thing that you really ask your brother to do is to give you rides places to give you money for whom and to get stuff from the top cabinet in the kitchen. 

Now this one is very specific if she ever brings up any other guy that’s not you and asks you on advice on how to deal with the situation. 


Basically, all she’s asking you to do is to hang yourself, because of the fact she is establishing that she’s interested in another man besides you in front of you. 

Now asking you to put yourself in the back seat and buckle yourself into the baby strap. Another caveat to this one is if every time that you guys talk or any time that you guys ever have communication. 

The only time that she talks to you is when she needs something, she’s not interested in you as a man. 

But she’s interested in what you can do for her when she most needs it, basically a convenience call. 

Phone Problems(Signs She is Not Interested Anymore about you)

We’re gonna call these phone problems and there are a couple of different caveats and a couple of different categories that have to do with the cellular devices. 

If at any point in time that you’re talking to this young lady the one lady that you’re interested in the love of your life every time that you see her text you which is rare. 

It makes you happy, it makes you giddy, if you can send her a book or ask her questions about certain things and all you receive is a one-word response think about it. 

This way as we’ve said before if somebody is interested in you, they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure that you understand that the attraction is mutual. 

Another part of this phone issue when it comes to texting or calling is when they reply very late and they add that with very few words. 


When it comes to the whole cell phone issue, there are so many different things that come with that. 

There’s late text there’s dry text there’s no response and then there’s also when you just straight-up get ignored with all of these. 

You’re gonna have to gauge when somebody is really busy and when you can tell that you just really being played and she’s not interested. 

If you message her something serious that’s heartfelt and sincere at 11 o’clock in the morning and you don’t receive a response until 11 o’clock p.m. and it’s coupled with only being a couple of words I know okay dude save yourself. 

If when you’re texting you feel like all you’re doing is asking questions and getting one-word answers it probably looks like you’re trying to interrogate her in front of a jury in the courtroom you can’t handle the truth. 

Meet up With Her

Number eight is pretty simple if and when you decide or you both agree to meet up and hang out and while you’re there. 

If you can tell by her facial expression and her body language that she is everywhere except in that space with you and she’s disconnected. 

She’s probably not as interested as you think she is if anytime that you were trying to hang out with this young lady. 

A couple of Things

It always turns into a party or that she brings another person to the function her bringing somebody says a couple of things. 

  • Number one you’re probably a creep 
  • Number two she doesn’t feel safe with you there 
  • Number three you’re probably a creep any rape She does not feel comfortable enough to be alone with you yet. 

Potential With Her

Now, I know I went through a lot of those really, really quick but number ten I believe is like the number one way to tell. 

If a young lady a woman a girl that you’re interested in, if she has zero interest in you as a person as a man and most importantly. 

If she has zero interest in you as a potential romantic individual in her life if at any point when you’re having a conversation are talking to this girl. 

She matches how when you approached her that you either caught her off guard was bad timing or she’s trying to figure her life out. 

She’s probably not into you man I can’t tell you how many times I have genuinely been interested in someone and I asked them for their number or I asked them to talk to them or I asked him if we can hang out. 

Hey let’s just go get coffee, it’s just coffee I don’t even drink coffee but I want to sit down and drink the hot benefits with you. 

They automatically take that as in I’m ready to get married what’s your blood type, you’re going to have my babies. 

So I don’t know what it is when it comes to some of these girls and when it comes to women mind you, I said some girl. 

Some girls believe that just you showing genuine interest means that you as a man have already thought about the next 25 years with this lady after she says I do. 

If there was ever a telltale sign that a girl is not interested in if you being genuine with her has caught her off guard. 

Most of the time what she’s saying in that sentence is that she’s not interested but doesn’t know how to tell. 

You straight up that she doesn’t want to talk to you or that she doesn’t find you attractive or as plainly she’s just not interested in you. 


The problem that this creates my brother is that when somebody says that they’ve been caught off-guard by something that has taken them by surprise. 

This creates hope for us believing that if we try later on or more persistent then that feeling of her being off-guard about the feeling of her being surprised will automatically subside. 

I wanted to do this one last because I have three things that I would like to give you and I might have to do an entirely different post. 

So I have three things that, that’ll help you out if she’s not interested these are formal before you ask her while you guys are together or talking and then also afterward. 

When she’s expressed that she’s not interested and you need to figure out what you’re gonna do with your life. 


The number one piece of advice that I can give you any man, and boy, any guy, any bro when it comes to being interested in a girl that has not equally as interested as you are is to give her her space. 

You have to understand that her life has run and is still running with or without you. 

But you’re a new component to her life that had she not met you her life still would have gone on giving a woman, giving a girl, giving anybody their space. 

Once they have expressed that they’re not interested in you being that close to them show respect to number one. 

But it also shows that you’re not needy, you’re not clingy and you’re not begging for the attention of somebody that has no interest. 

It’ll be really against your best interest to be building this secret life in your brain of how you guys would work out. 

Because this you into thinking something will happen that probably either won’t or just isn’t the right timing for it also deceives men because we’re caregivers. 

So sometimes we can believe that if we do enough nice things that everything’s going to work out that’s not fair to her. 

Because she has no idea what’s going on and it’s not fair to you because you will now be intentionally and making yourself miserable with things that you have no control. 

Advice Number 2

Number three acceptance and moving on I think that every guy thinks I we’ve painted this picture in a modern-day culture that. 

If you want something you should go for it and that no is just a potential yes down the road but one of the healthiest things that any person any young person young man woman girl boy. 

Whatever you are is to understand when things probably are not going to work out in your favor and being able to accept rationalize and deal with the fact that. 

You know what this time is not gonna work on let me move on because what you do when you move on to say you free yourself from all the tour and miserable thinking about. 


What if it would have happened and if it would have happened this way or if I would have said this when I first met her this would happen. 

You know what that guy is treating her like trash so I’m just gonna stick around you are worth so much more than sticking around for somebody that either isn’t interested. 

Sometimes somebody that’s literally just playing you because they want somebody there to give them affection, attention and all these things they can’t get from the person that they want. 

But they know that you’re willing to give it to them for peanuts when you accept and move on and this is probably the biggest thing that I’ll say is that you have to understand that there’s a level of self-respect. 

As men that you have to have, you have to let’s create a stander that you are not going to live below just to get the attention or affection from somebody that you find attractive. 

One thing that can happen and it happened to me when I was younger is that I would like somebody so much to the point where I would almost forget the reason that I like.

Then, I would almost forget who I was as a person, or I would literally like to be killing myself just for this girl to see me. 


If she’s interested it will not be as difficult as it is when she doesn’t need to care who you are or if you exist as I said before natural things happen better with time. 

When they happen as a means of happening and not by you forcing the interaction there has to be a level of respect that you have for yourself there has to be a level that you’re like. 

I’m not going below that level where sometimes for me would be that I would text somebody in the minute that they text me. 

I would text them minute very second that I heard my phone vibrate or I heard it go off and that shows neediness and it also shows desperation. 

When you do respect yourself you understand that the same level of effort that you’re showing in a relationship at the beginning that’s what you deserve and if you’re not getting that you have to beg for it. 

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