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You know sometimes you and your buddies argue over which girl finds the most attractive muscles on a guy.

We all have different types right one of our friends might like tall girls are short funny or mysterious. 

The same goes for girls they like different guys for different reasons, but there are a few things specifically the most attractive muscles on a guy that I can guarantee that every girl likes.

We are going over those five body parts that are irresistible to girls. starting with number one.

1. Your Forearms

Your forearms body part of male attracts females so many dudes focus only on their biceps up here, well biceps aren’t everything. 

All right you can’t forget your forearms, I know the dude who reading right now. Once they have big biceps I get it. 

But don’t underestimate the power of strong forearms usually half of our biceps are hidden behind the t-shirt, right not this t-shirt.

It’s already pre-rolled, but the forearms they pretty much always visible it’s an easy way for a girl to tell whether or not you muscular. 

Even when you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt you can always just roll it up to show a little bit of those forearm muscles. 

Right, so don’t forget to work them out when you’re hitting the gym girls are always gonna look at your forearms no matter what you’re doing. 


Let’s say you’re having a drink at the bar, right and then she’s right next to you she’s gonna see your forearm, as you’re lifting that drink. 

Is it muscular or it’s veiny or it’s hairy? Like they’re gonna check all of that out and make an assumption about the rest of your body which they can’t see they can only see your forearm.

So it’s always good to work it out and groom your forearms too if you need to look I’m a pretty hairy dude, so I just tried to keep it tidy not all over the place.

2. Your Teeth

Next, the most attractive male body parts up your teeth look every girl I know likes guys will have nice smiles, and who doesn’t? I know that when I see a girl with a nice bright smile. 

She gets a lot of bonus points girls know that a guy with a nice smile takes care of his teeth, which means it takes care of himself and has good hygiene and that’s huge for girls. 


So take care of your teeth, there I brush him a few times a day floss your teeth after you eat and whiten your teeth. 

Whiten your teeth is something that is easy, it’s affordable and you can do it right at home with whitening strips and it makes a huge difference. 

I use a whitening mouthwash whitening toothpaste, it’s a couple of bucks more to add to the whitening process and I promise you it’s a hundred percent wear.

3. Your Hairstyle

You know the most attractive male body parts what else girls like though your hair, alright it’s the first day of school you see an old friend. 

But you don’t even recognize him, because he has a new hairstyle you couldn’t even recognize him that’s proof that a different hairstyle can completely change the way that you look. 

It can be a huge transformation and girls are going to notice, all right the number one thing I’m always recommending you guys to do with your hair is try a bunch of different hairstyles. 

Let your hair grow at least once try a short hairstyle for the summer, why not change it up girls love playing with our hair right. 


So having a little bit longer hair sometimes is good, I’m letting my hair grow right now, because I want to change it up this thing’s it’s pretty long guys like look at this it’s pretty long. 

But I might as well do it before I start losing my hair because it happens to every guy I understand that and that is a little bit scary. 

Alright, guys, girls are really into their own hair, so it’s obvious that they’re gonna notice your hair.

4. ABS Is The Most Attractive Muscles On A Guy

Number four and probably that body part of male attracts female are ABS, there’s just no way I could have made this list without including ABS. 

You guys know that it’s probably one of the body parts that no girl can resist. You know if you have nice defined ABS then you’re automatically ten times more attractive to girls

The only thing that sucks about ABS they aren’t easy to get, you know you need to put in work and not work for like three months and then stop it needs to be consistent. 


But it is worth it, you know, you can take your shirt off with confidence and know that girls will be looking and they will approve. 

So make sure that you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet and that you’re staying active on a daily basis to get or to maintain your abs looking super defined. 

5. Glutes

Number five just true the most attractive male body parts glutes, all right look imagine I’m Brazilian, all right there are some nice booties down in Brazil

But guys aren’t the only ones who like a nice behind girls are just as into it. I actually didn’t know this for the longest time. 

But trust me when I say this girl really like guys with nice glutes and in the strong thighs too. 

It basically means that you’re an active guy, you know it means that you have a strong base and of course it makes your jeans or your chinos look really good. 


So it’s a great thing for fashion as well, so get going on those squats man, those lunges those squats, and those kickbacks at the gym or even going out for a run. Here and there that’s gonna help you tone your lower body.

6. Do muscles make you more attractive?

Exactly, the most attractive male body parts on a guy that make you more attractive, better, and sexy are your muscles. Trust me, if you work on building your muscles, you will look so hot and sexy that actually, girls like.





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