Millionaire Morning Routine | 7 Secrets Revealed

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I guess the wiser I get the more, I understand why having the right millionaire morning routine can change in your life. 

It’s the beginning of a millionaire morning routine, it’s a chance to start fresh it’s the opportunity to give it you’re all. 

So this post is extremely important for you, trying to move forward trying to achieve your goals and become successful. 

We are going over the seven millionaire morning habits that very successful people like giant CEOs, star athletes, and celebrities have developed that are going to give you enough energy and motivation to achieve all of your dreams.

Do Not Snooze

Don’t hit that snooze button look, dude you set the alarm for a reason it’s time to wake up, don’t let your morning go to waste. 


Make it count if you can’t even get up on time then that means that your first action of the day, your first very minor easy goal is a big fail. 

All right it’s like you’re starting the day off as a loser, you’re gonna be mad at yourself later on and that’s just setting yourself up for failure from the minute. 

You hit that snooze button, so then you wake up mad at yourself because you failed already and now you have no time to get things done. 

Because you overslept, so it’s a snowball effect that will give you big L’s all day long and I get it finding that morning energy is so hard sometimes. 

But once you’re up and going you’re gonna feel great that you didn’t snooze and that’s gonna push you to keep going. 

So next time you hear that alarm go off that annoying sound just roll out of bed man give yourself no time to think just get up and get your day started.

Cold Shower (Millionaire Morning Routine)

Taking a cold shower in the morning will definitely get your day started off right and look when I say cold I don’t mean freezing cold. 

Alright, I just mean a temperature that’s, that’s not gonna relax you something a little bit colder then room temperature a warm shower is gonna relax your muscles

It’s gonna relax your body, makes you want to chill and take it easy it even makes you want to stay in the shower longer. 

Because you’re just relaxing, you’re having a good time in there right, so instead I learned that taking a shower that isn’t so nice and relaxing will wake you up. 


Get your body moving instead of doing the opposite.

Do I take cold showers every single morning? 

Hell No, all right I love my warm calm showers as well, but if I know that I have to be productive and I have to crush a lot of my goals that morning. 

Then you bet that I’m not taking a warm relaxing shower, I’m gonna take a cold shower, I’m gonna jump start my day and I’m gonna get things done. 

So whenever you need that extra boost just try this out and see how much it really helps you side note. 

Guy, it really does help your skin and your hair as well mostly, because hot water tends to dry out your skin your scalp. So you’re getting multiple benefits just from that cold shower this. 

Get Enough Sleep

The next one is not really a morning habit it’s more of an overnight habit, make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and I’m actually being hypocritical

All right look everyone is different when it comes to how much sleep, they need to function properly. 

Right, some people need five-six hours of sleep and they work fine, but some people need eight or nine hours. 

The point is to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep to feel a hundred percent the next day. 

You got a whole long day ahead of you and you’re gonna need to be prepared and focused to get everything done. 

This is scientifically proven, if you’re not well-rested you are not going to perform as well this goes for athletes CEOs. 


It doesn’t matter, it’s where everyone doesn’t matter what you do if you don’t get enough sleep. 

You’re not going to do your best, make sure that your body is well-rested recharged, and ready to take on this new day. 

Exercise in the Morning

Something else that you should be doing every morning is exercising and this one is something, it’s just something that I’ve been doing since I was 16. 

The first thing I did when I got my license drove to the gym, I swear to God like I’ve tried working out at night after school or work back in the day. 

It’s just not the same I’ll tell you why it’s not the same by the time you get into the gym at night or in the evening. 

You’re tired you spent your whole day at work, you spent your whole day talking to people solving problems at work doing schoolwork. 


The last thing you want to do after all that is work more at the gym, you know you want to go home and chill and I don’t blame you. So try to work out in the morning and get it done before you start. 

It’s a really good routine for you to get into right now, don’t wait, all right start this tomorrow morning and you’re gonna notice a difference right away. 

Stay Off Your Phone

I swear next guys this is a tough one even for me but try to stay off your phone as long as possible in the morning. 

Look if you’re using your phone for work that’s fine, I get it I do that you’re using it too as a tool to achieve one of your goals. 

But if you’re not doing that then your phone is just a distraction, it’s in your way it’s actually standing between you and the things that you want to accomplish that day. 

Don’t call people to gossip about what happened last night, you know it’s been an hour talking about meaningless things, don’t go and tinder and swipe looking for a date. 


You know damn well that when you start swiping all of a sudden you look up and it’s been like an hour a full hour went by like this and now you’re behind schedule give yourself. 

Some time to wake up be productive get things done hit the gym, then you can give yourself a little bit of a break. 

You know to check out Instagram, watch somehow it’s fast, I want you to whatever into but only as a reward. 

All right try not to check social media every 10 minutes, because let me tell you not much has changed from 10 minutes ago. 

It’s the same thing I give yourself some more time without your phone and your productivity will definitely go up. 

Keep Track Of Your Goals

Next up for you guys trying to have an amazing and successful morning keep track of your goals and your to-do list. 

I used to write all these crazy long to-do lists with insane goals and everything was perfect. 

You know I would probably spend over an hourwriting these lists and I can tell you right now. 

It was a waste of time there is no need to write a super-detailed list write. What you need to do, you know and that’s it like figure out the details. 


When you’re actually, later on, I was just spending so much time riding everything and looking over instead of actually getting those things done. 

You have to be realistic, don’t write a bunch of things that you know, you’re not gonna have time to do that is a failure mentality. 

All right write things that you truly believe that you will be able to do and then do everything in your power to get them done and hold yourself accountable. 

You know take a look at your list every couple of hours or so to see how you’re doing. 

If you’re behind a man just hustle and catch-up to make sure that you’re on schedule with everything. 

Don Not Procrastination (Millionaire Morning Routine)

This next one gets everyone don’t procrastinate look procrastination is so hard to find a man. 

I get it, it’s a nice sunny morning you know maybe you think it’s fine to chill do everything later. 

I’m gonna leave these things for later and what ends up happening is later on other things will come up things that weren’t in your to-do list in your schedule. 


But now they are so taking care of things as early as possible and you end the day don’t, don’t push it back because mornings are so good to be productive. 

If you wake up early like 6 or 7 a.m, you can get so much done by the time that other people are just waking up around 9:00 a.m. 

You’ve had to three hours to get things done plus, there is no better feeling to me anyway then crossing things off your to-do list it’s. 

So rewarding it feels like you’re on a roll like you’re crushing your goals early in the day already I honestly got a rush from crossing things off my to-do list. 

It’s such a good feeling you know, you just crossed it off and you’re like. 

all right let’s this is done forget this what’s next and that’s a good feeling, so hopefully, if you write your to-do lists and if you keep track of it you’re gonna get that same feeling as well. 

What billionaires do in the morning?

Trust me, guys all the billionaires are not from spaceships, they are one of us. But the difference is that billionaires follow some rules that I have already told you some of them millionaire morning routine.

How Millionaires plan their day?

Guys, there is no rocket science that millionaires plan their day, they write do to list last night, wake up early in the morning, and starting their work.

If you follow these rules that I have told you millionaire morning routine, you definitely become millionaires in the future.

How your morning routine should be?

If you become a millionaire you should follow up on the millionaire morning routine that’s it that are I already have told you.

What Millionaire do every day?

The Millionaire persons always work, because they know the importance of time. They do not focus on useless things, they just focus on their work.

Conclusion (Millionaire Morning Routine)

I hope you guys found very helpful material the best morning routine. If you take care of your precious time, then trust me you will definitely get success of the day. 


If you have any point in your mind please you can comment below. We will appreciate and add your effort into the article.


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