How To Wear A Watch? 10 Secrets You Never Know

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We are talking about my favorite accessory for men. Something that I think every guy should have talked of course about how to wear a watch

Right here most of you already know about my passion for watches. You know? I just love the way it completes outfits like. 

Whether you’re walking a suit you know when you have a nice watch and how also know how to wear a watch on like looks amazing. 


You’re just rocking a t-shirt gene pretty much. I like always have one on because it definitely does add that detail and completes the outfit. 

But before you decide which watch you’re gonna be wearing. Today I’m gonna go over the rules on how to wear a watch that we all need to follow. 

Make sure that we’re looking our best not too many guys follow these watch rules like I see a lot of guys making some mistakes here in there. So let’s go over how to wear a watch to make sure that you’re not one of them.

Small Watch Faces(How To Wear A Watch)

Don’t wear a watch with a face that is way too big, a few years ago these big watches were trendy. 

They were popular, you know but that time is long gone, alright I see a big watch nowadays and I’m like ah no that’s that doesn’t look good small faces rule the world now.


They’ll be in style forever basically because they’re more classy, they’ve been around forever and you don’t want this humongous thing on your wrist. 

Anyway, you know it doesn’t look good. It’s just too clunky but you know how do you figure out whether or not a watch is too big. 

There’s no specific size for a watch to be considered too big. I can’t tell you forty used to be good for you to is too big. 


It really depends on the width of the size of your wrist to me I know that a 40 is perfect. 

I can go a little bit bigger if I want to like a 42 or 43 maybe but anything’s bigger than that for me is a little bit too much obviously. 

If your wrists are larger than most then you can decide what looks best you know but the big watch wave is gone and not only that but the big watches are so uncomfortable. 


All right, they’re clunky I used to wear them like the big ones. You know they’re clunky and heavy. 

They draw way too much attention your watch is an addition to your outfit. It’s a detail, it’s not the main attraction. 

Find The Right Strap(How To Wear A Watch)

Figure out what the right strap is for your watch. Now a lot of people prefer going with stainless steel for an everyday watch. 

You know it’s just easy others like the rubberized strap or a nice leather strap. It all depends on what’s comfortable for you. 


It also depends on your personal style, if you’re you Watty most formal outfits then the rubber strap is just not gonna work for you. 

The leather strap is probably way better and if you’re into more casual clothing then yeah stainless steel or rubber would fit in really well. 

This is especially important if you’re you know if you’re looking to buy one everyday watch like one watch or go to watch. 


If you buy a watch with a rubber strap it’s going to be hard to pull off a suit or any type of like formal attire especially because the rubber is just a little bit too sporty. 

So think about your everyday style your personal style and when and where you’re gonna be wearing this watch so that you can buy the right strap for it.


Buy a strap that’s going to be easy to mix and match with the majority of your favorite outfits that’s the best tip. I can give you when it comes to straps.

Which Wrist To Wear a Watch?

Finding out which wrist to wear a watch. Now, most people are gonna wear their watches on their non-dominant hand or wrist. 


So if you’re right-handed like I’m right-handed, you’re gonna wear it on your left wrist that is actually. 

Why most people wear watches on their left hands? 

Because you know over 80% of the population is right-handed. The reason for away on your non-dominant side is because we’re more active with our dominant hands. 

Obviously right be right with the big grab our bones with it we carry things with our dominant hand. It just feels stronger, it’s steadier and that’s what we do. 


So you don’t want to risk damaging the watch when you’re doing all of those things with your dominant hand. 

You also don’t want to have the watch get in your way, so it can actually be like bad because you’re trying to grab something. 

It gets in the way when you’re using your hand, so yeah most people are gonna wear it on their left hands but that’s just because the majority of people are right-handed. 


But the truth is there is no correct size choose the wrist that he was most comfortable to you choose the risk that you know it’s not gonna get in your way from doing things your everyday things and getting away of your movements.

Be Careful With Smartwatches

Next up to be careful with smartwatches now smartwatches kind of a weird one, so there otherwise everyone’s getting one to try it. 

You know see what it’s like to see how they feel I have an Apple watch. Okay, personally I don’t love to be honest with you in terms of fashion. 

It doesn’t really go with a lot it doesn’t really work well, so I don’t wear mine for fashion purposes our way of mine pretty much every day though just to work out to exercise that’s it go hiking to go to the gym.


I have a black Apple watch and it has a rubber strap, so I know it’s very sporty you know they make different straps. 

You can dress them up a little bit with a mother strap for example and there are other watches besides the Apple watch that looked better more elegant. 

But most of them aren’t really gonna go well with the suit, they’re casual watches, so yeah feel free to get one. 

But always be mindful that, you know smartwatches aren’t really gonna be like super elegant. You know to be mindful of the outfit that you’re wearing because if you’re dressing up to the nines you got a suit and a tie and you’re looking amazing. 

A smartwatch could definitely win that look completely, so I actually can’t wait for the time.

You know they make like really nice smartwatches but the market right now is just there’s not really nice one available.

Where Your Watch Should Be Placed on Your Wrist?

Watch rule that most guys overlook is where your watch should be placed on your wrist?

All right, this is a big one because I see a lot of guys making this mistake your watch should be strapped before your wrist bone. 

Here this is your wrist bone right here it goes above that right, right there okay that way you’re not losing any mobility. 


When it’s too close to your hands, it’s going to annoy the crap out of you because it’s gonna get in the way you know and it’s possibly even gonna hurt you.

Because it’s gonna get the top of your hand here with a crown, so not very comfortable just slide it down and you can have way more mobility. 

You know me remember to strap it right whether it’s leather, rubber it doesn’t really matter. 

It’s gonna be a little bit weird at first if you’ve been wearing it closer to your hands at all times, but after you get used to it it’s gonna be so much more comfortable. 


Trust me any actually, I feel like nowadays looks better. When I see it maybe because I know that that’s the right way. But when I look at it here it just feels and looks perfect.

How Right Should a Watch Be on Your Wrist?

Please, please, please make sure that your strap fits your wrist. I can’t say this enough like I’ve seen so many guys ring sick like super nice make me jealous very expensive beautiful watches. 

But it’s like a huge thing on their tiny wrist, you know and every time they move their hands enough. 


They’re showing off their watch or what but it’s like just dancing up and down it is so annoying to see. 

You know it’s like how is that comfortable, you know it just slides up and down your wrist, it can’t be comfortable like it’s hitting the top of your hand. 

It’s hitting like your elbow come on like a loose watch is opposite of what you want. 


It’s not classy, it gives you a like a sloppy look on the other side. You don’t want like a super crazy tight watch either. Because you don’t want to cut off your blood circulation right.

How To Do Size It Yourself Buying Online?

If you’re getting a watch online learn how to do size it yourself. When you get it that’s cheap or you can bring it to, we watch repair shop which to be honest is also cheap. 


Because they only charge about five to ten dollars to resize a watch. It only takes two minutes like it’s super quick. 

All right so no lose watches and straps and no super tight watches that’s a big no-no. 


I hope guys you understand clearly how to wear a watch properly. If you like this please share it with your friends so that they can also know about these points.

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