How To Wash White Sneakers? | 100% Beginner’s Guide

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How To Wash White Sneakers? While certain fabrics like suede or mesh often require special treatment this is our general guide to cleaning more versatile materials like leather and canvas. 

Before you start cleaning your sneakers you’re gonna need the following things: 

how-to-wash sneakers
  • A regular towel 
  • A brush of some sort 
  • Cleaning solution 
  • A toothbrush for hard-to-reach places 
  • Weatherproofing spray 
  • Whitening toothpaste 
  • An extra set of laces 
  • Magic sponges 
  • A microfiber towel 
  • Quick wipes 
  • A small bowl of hot water 
  • Your dirty sneakers 
  • And an apron or old clothes 

Step 1:

You don’t mind getting dirty before you dive right into cleaning your sinkers, you’re gonna want to set up your station chefs call. 


This nice applause removes the laces, you’ll clean those separately if necessary to begin.

Step 2:

You want to remove any excess dirt by knocking the soles of your shoes, together and using a soft brush or a damp towel to rub off any remaining dirt. 


This will already improve most surface level scuffs and stains. 

Step 3:

You can also spot clean the sneakers by using a quick wipe of your choice, quick wipes are perfect for on-the-go situations.


⧭ Pro-Tip

A dab and twist motion will help lift whatever stain you’re tackling depending on the material. 


Quick wipes should get most sneakers looking fresh in a matter of minutes. If they require further attention go to.

Step 4:

You’ll want to deep clean them do this by dipping your brush into hot water and pouring some cleaning solution onto it. 


Note that instructions will vary depending on what brand or type of solution you use to apply the brush to the upper of your sneaker and gently scrub back and forth working up a lather is essential. 


So those bubbles can get to work rinse the brush and reapply cleaner whenever necessary use your toothbrush for hard-to-reach places and spot cleaning. 

⧭ Pro-Tip 

If you’re cleaning white canvas like on these vans Authentics use a small dab of whitening toothpaste which will leave the canvas porcelain white. 


Use the microfiber towel to remove excess soap. 

how-to-wash sneakers

Suds and inspect your work again a dab and twist motion will help dry the fabric and simultaneously lift the stain microfiber towels are great. Because of their durability meaning, they can be used over and over again. 

Step 5:

If there’s still some dirt to be removed repeat the process by rinsing off the brush. 


Adding more cleaning solution and hot water to it and scrubbing the upper your regular towel can serve to wipe down the shoe or keep your workstation clean and dry.

Step 6: 

Once you’re happy with the upper you can now move to your midsole. These are usually relatively easy to clean in comparison to the upper. 



Before you use your brush and cleaning solution break out a magic sponge just AB a bit of water onto them. 

Lightly start scrubbing away the magic sponges should make light work of any dirt and stains left on your midsole. 

If you feel you need a deeper clean get your brush and cleaning solution ready lather up your brush and scrub them until they are sufficiently clean. Use the microfiber towel to partially dry them off.


Finally, move on to your laces, you can clean them in the washing machine or by scrubbing them with a toothbrush and cleaning solution. 


⧭Our Pro-Tip 

Though would be just to use a fresh pair of laces. It’s cheap and a much easier way to get your shoes looking fresh again. 

If you can’t get rid of some of the stains on the soles or upper a fresh pair of white laces will make all the difference. 


Once done leave the sneakers out to air dry overnight when everything is dry and you’ve released your kicks take some weatherproofing spray and give your sneakers a good spray. 

Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle as it can differ from brand to brand, this will keep your sneakers fresh for longer without needing a deep clean. 


That was our step-by-step guide on How To Wash White Sneakers? be sure to share this with your friends and subscribe for more sneaker content and guides by heist ‘nobody has particles in it.

Another Pro-Tip 

Makes sure to use white toothpaste and not blue like we did.

How To Wash White Sneakers in the Washer Machine?

Now the question is aroused. Can I wash sneakers in the washing machine? The answer is “Yes” I want to tell you how I washed my shoes in an easy way. 

So I have dirty shoes so let’s check how I do it so I washed them in the washing machine just put the shoes there. 

You can put some pieces of clothes with them and it will be better if they are too dirty. 

Make sure to wash them under water before putting them in a washing machine and now you can put any clothes. 

I usually put the towel and it will be washed even better so I can put one or two towels and now add the washing so and this softener. 

So you don’t need to add too much you can even wash without one completely but my washing soap is the one that is important. 

So make sure to put a lot of it ok and close and we can put this program because it will give us like 40 degrees. 

Make sure not to put more than 40 degrees otherwise, you can ruin your shoes so then check your result results.

We can put intensive for even better washing and let’s check the results after 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

You’ll see the results result will you see a white enjoying there we turn on the flashlight.

Can you put Nike Shoes in the Washing Machine?

The answer is “Yes” you can put the Nike shoes in the washing machine to wash them, the result will be amazing.

What is the best way to Wash White Sneakers?

The best ways I recommend to wash your sneakers is that I told you at the top. Because it will keep the quality of your shoes and give you fantastic results.





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