How To Text A Girl: 8 Shocking Ways To Impress Over Text

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If you want to know how to text a girl, let’s what we have to do is we have to be texting or DM experts right, you have to learn how to text a girl you like because that’s the best way of doing this right now. 

You can’t have a situation to meet her and most of us, any way you know what I want to teach you guys how to text girls. 

How to be successful with these texts to make sure the one you can finally leave your house then you have at least one maybe two maybe three dates lined up. 



  • Texting repeatedly, being impatient.
  • Overtexting, ask for facetime or video call, don’t just text or you’ll end up in a virtual friendzone.
  • Ask her questions, like about her family and her day.
  • Control your other social media activity while texting her.
  • Check grammar and spelling, sound smart.
  • Ask her about her family and friends, remember the names of her family and friends, if you remember.
  • Don’t send too many emojis; it shows your emotional state.
  • DON’T SEND NUDES if she asks then tell her to meet in person.


This is how you’re gonna do it the first thing that you need to watch out for is sending more than two messages in a row to text a girl. 

This is the number one mistake that guys make when texting girls is being impatient because let’s face it this little game is annoying. 

You know what I mean like we send a text message and then we have to wait and we don’t know if she saw it or not. 

If she saw it and then let’s left you one scene or on read, so that is a little bit frustrating for us, this is the biggest mistake you’re gonna make is being impatient sending another message. 

When okay did you get that or hey, I’m just changing my plans or just trying to send message after message to see. 


If she got don’t do that send you a message and you have to wait, you have to be patient, you have to wake, okay with her not answering you right away. 

I’ll tell you why sometimes they take longer to get back to you because they’re actually showing your text messages to other friends to go, other girls, like hey. 

What should I say back to him what do you think in this message what do you think, he meant by this girls always do that. 

Right, they read so much into the text message that you sent them, even though you’re not trying to go that deep, you’re just answering your question or you’re just trying to be nice to her. 

They might take a little bit longer to get back to you and that is okay don’t go crazy and send her back to back messages that make you look like you’re desperate that makes you look like you have nothing else going on in your life. 

That you like her way too much like it in a bad way too much.


The second mistake that a lot of guys make when texting a girl and this one I understand is a little bit tough right now. 

But I’ll show you get over texting too much and going into, what I call the virtual friend zone to the pen pal of back in the days that’s. 

When girls and guys are talking via text and all they do is text but in reality, they never meet in person and I get it you’re not supposed to leave your house. 

So how are you supposed to get over this well, I think I have a solution for you okay instead of texting and texting and texting and saying hey. 

We’ll meet when this is all done and over with because who knows when that’s gonna be you should definitely ask her to FaceTime yes, granted FaceTime is not like meeting in person. 

But it is the closest thing that we have right now, so if you can’t FaceTime her as soon as possible because that dynamic is gonna be completely different from texting. 


It’s not you sent a text and then you wait a day or wait two hours for a reply, it is you talking to her right then and there in real-time looking at her face understanding her expressions. 

Really being able to communicate with her in a way that you can’t do over text if you just want to be texting buddies that are alright, but that’s all you’re gonna get you to know you’re just gonna be a virtual friend. 

You’re gonna go into the virtual friend zone, you can’t do that, so to make that better say hey lets FaceTime tonight. 

Whenever you’re free to let me know, I’ll give you a call and that’s it I’m telling you your girls are gonna love that because you are being direct you’re showing her that you want to talk to her. 

You’re showing her that you want to give her attention and girls as we know love attend. 


I know this is an articleabout how to get a girl but you have to be careful with your Social Media if you’re texting her and then you stop texting her. 

But then you’re posting on social media, she is going to see that you’re clearly free, you’re clearly doing something else instead of texting her back and she is going to be her. 


Trust me she’s gonna get you back alright, so don’t do that be very careful with what you’re posting when you’re posting it. 

So that you’re not showing her that you’re just leaving her behind are you not giving her enough attention. 

This goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway because I’ve seen a lot of guys falling on this trap is don’t be like, oh yeah I know I’m just gonna stay home tonight and not do anything. 

So maybe I’ll see you tomorrow and then post that same night that you’re at the club with the boys that is not going to go well for you, so make sure that you don’t get caught doing that. 


I think this is probably the best tip that I can give you guys here to ask her questions instead of just answering her question. 

Don’t texture only to talk about yourself, don’t be just answering the questions that are used asking she asked you, hey how was your day? you say hey my day was really good. 

I did this in that how about you, Did you do that thing that:

  • You’re supposed to do? 
  • Do you see your parents? 
  • Did you talk to anyone? 
  • How was your day? 

That is a completely different conversation that you’re having now. 

Because you are telling her everything about yourself, but you also want to learn about her and she’s gonna notice that she’s gonna be like wow you really want to know about my day. 

He really wants to know about, what I did he cares about me my friends my family that changes everything. 


So if you want to be the basic answer to your questions, if you want to be more expert advanced, if you really want this to work out answer the question in detail. 

But also ask her questions in detail bring up our friend’s names, bring up her parent’s name things that show her that you’re listening to her. 

Because listening and paying attention to girls, it’s just like one of the best things that you can do girls love that. 


Check your grammar, check your spelling, I’ve seen so many bad mistakes on text, I know it’s just text and sometimes you’re gonna see the letter. If you can just spell it out you know to just do it right.

She is gonna think that you’re uneducated, she’s gonna think that you don’t know how to spell and it really depends on some girls. 

Don’t care some girls misspell themselves and some girls care like they want to make sure that you are writing everything properly. 


So do it right from the beginning, you know I mean because, if you don’t spell things correctly, it just looks like you’re putting zero effort into this conversation. 

It looks like you don’t care and it looks like you might not even know the English language or whatever language that you’re texting in, as well as you should sound being smart is definitely the way to go. 

All right, so you’re gonna look more maturemore classy and trust me that is attractive that is what you want in a woman as well. 

Right, I know that if I was texting a girl and she started misspelling everything and be like, yeah I’m a perfectionist, it’s just not gonna work out and that’s just the truth. 


All right this is simple texting that talks to her about what she likes, what she loves and everyone likes that but when you bring up the family when you bring up friends in a way that is more personal asking her by name. 

You know, if she has her Frey how’s your friend, Family doing is she okay is everything, all right I know that she broke up with her boyfriend. 


She’s feeling a little bit better she’s gonna be like WOW you remember Family that’s crazy you’re an amazing boy. 

But you’re a good person, when she tells you about her parents, we remember their names right away because that’s extremely important and then when you talk to her about her parents bring up their names. 

Bring up their names as often as possible to show her that you’ve listened, to show her that you care, and to show her that you want to be part of that family. 


The next one here is don’t send too many Emojis look emojis are fine but be careful not to overdo, it not to go overboard. 

You don’t want to come off as clingy, you don’t want to come off as crying, trust me most girls don’t like guys that are too sensitive that are like to like. 


Oh, heart, heart, heart, heart, eyes emoji, emoji, emoji, you don’t want her to think that you’re exaggerating things just to impress her, because that’s gonna make her doubt you. 

I like to send emojis once in a while these are my favorite right here. But you know I’m never gonna send him a get emojis back to back to back because it just doesn’t look good, it’s not classy it’s not masculine. 


So I don’t do that you know what else does not classy, guys in there there are way too many guys to do this and they shouldn’t be doing this is sending nudes look no girl wants that. 

I’m to tell you right now, it is just not a good look for guys, okay, everything you text by the way is also public you know they can just blast you at any point. 

So, if you’re texting nudes, I’m telling you, you should stop it is not what you should be doing right now. 

Because that could come back later and embarrass you, embarrass your family, embarrass your friends. 

I’m telling you, you don’t want to be doing that and it’s just it’s disrespectful. It’s just even if she asks I’m telling you do not do it like hey come see me in person that’s it, you know there’s no need for you to be doing this – sending nudes. 

Don’t be asking for news either it’s just not classy from a guy to be asking for that, so if you guy wants to get physically meet each other in person, don’t be doing it like this even on FaceTime. 

You can record that stuff, so I’m begging you to be careful with that stuff because that can come back. 

you know so that we can actually instead of just texting people that we can actually see our friends and family again so that you guys can actually see the girls that you’re talking to again. 

If you have any you know questions comments suggestions about you know this.

Bonus Tips To Text a Girl

• Don’t swear excessively, even if she seems to be okay with it

• DO NOT EVER text in block capitals – I’m sure you see I just did it for emphasis.


Truth is, block caps can be used for a variety of reasons INCLUDING for emphasis. But girls almost always view this as shouting! Even if your text/message doesn’t have that sort of tone.

Where you can use italics/bold/underline, but obviously not every site/platform allows for this.

Maybe try placing the words you want to emphasize * inside a pair of asterisks * or something similar, even if it won’t make the letters bold/italicized *like this*.

I know asterisks can be used like that during roleplay over text, but I’d like to think there would be enough logic to know when it is or is not for roleplaying or something like that.

(But trust me, girls HATE block caps messages!)

I hope you got all the points on how to get girls. Trust me if you follow these tips you will definitely impress a girl you like. You should not need to search on Google on how to get a girl you like.


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