How To Look More Muscular?| 5 Shocking Tips

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I get it not everyone has time to go to the gym every single day and want to look more muscular. But you still don’t look good right? You still want to look like you have nice arms in a big chest. 

Because we know that people know today I’m giving you guys some tips on how to look more muscular without doing all of that. 

Baggy, Puffy Or Thick Outwear

First things that you should not be wearing like baggy puffy or super thick outerwear. If you’re wearing a bomber jacket no one will notice your physique. 

It has its own shape and it’s not a muscular shape. It’s just shaped like a puffy jacket.


I could be a bodybuilder under this jacket and you wouldn’t even know the same goes for a baggy hoodie or a super thick coat.

If you wear a nice thin sweater, a lot of people will actually notice your physique because it hugs your body properly and shows off all of your muscles that are actually gonna make how to look more muscular than you really are. 

Show Off Your Triceps

Next show off your triceps so many people think that your biceps are the be feared or the biggest part of your arms. But in reality, it’s actually your triceps that makeup.

The main part the biggest part of your arm so what do you do besides obviously working out your triceps. 

Well, you roll up your sleeves that will show off the biggest in the saddest part of your arms and give the illusion of much bigger muscles overall.

But, if rolling up your sleeves is not really your style not really your thing you don’t really like, how it look? 

Just get a t-shirt that fits you properly a t-shirt that shows your triceps without you having to roll your sleeves up. 


A T-shirt that will hug your chest and your shoulders properly a t-shirt with the perfect fit a t-shirt from essentials. 

There is nothing like rocking a t-shirt that makes you feel and look good and keeps you comfortable all at once the fit is spot on the sleeves will hug you. 

But it’s not too tight it allows you to show off all of the muscles in the right places you want to sure that it’s somewhat stretch. 

You’re here too you know because not all of us are gonna have the perfectly flat stomach right.

So we want it to hug our arms but not necessarily our bellies or our stomach that way your arms shoulders and chest they look big but your stomach does not the quality on t-shirts is unbelief the fabric is cotton in the bamboo antibacterial blend.

Get A Ten To Look Muscular

Next up you probably one of the easiest items on the list get ever wonder. Why bodybuilders get. 

So tan get those crazy spray tans right before every competition there’s got to be a good reason right getting tan highlights your muscle tones.

Alright, it defines your muscles just by adding some color to your skin. It’s as easy as it sounds. It’s almost too good to be true. 

But it is true you go to the beach you get some Sun you get a nice tan and you get to how to look more muscular and more defined perfectly. 

Work On Posture To Look Muscular

I will say though that there is one thing that will destroy your gains or at least the illusion of your gains and that is your posture. If you work out a lot you know that your posture is extremely important. 


Alright having bad posture is so bad for you in a good posture will make you look and feel better immediately. 

If you’re slouched over you will never look as good as when your chest is out your shoulders back and your head held high and with people spending too much time on their phones and computers lately.

It’s really hard to maintain the right posture so make sure that you’re stretching out as much as possible and sitting upright.

When you’re on your computer and don’t hunch over. When you’re on your phone at least bring it up a little bit higher and keep your body straight having good posture will make you look more muscular instantly. 

Try Different Colors

I think it’s the easiest way to look more muscular in the list is go from sloppy to strong in less than one set different colors will also affect how you look the same way that black will make you look thinner white will have the opposite effect and make you look bigger. We use that to your advantage you know. 

If you want to look thinner and taller go for an all-black outfit if you want to look bigger beefier right then go for white or maybe like a light gray also guys protip here.

All right let’s say you’re gonna take a picture for the gram and it’s a shirtless picture and you want to look your best. What are you gonna do?

I know for a fact don’t even lie to me that you’re gonna get down on the floor and you’re gonna do some push-ups

So you can get that pump right, well you can do the same right before you go out this is what I recommend three sets of wide push-ups. 


Whatever feels uncomfortable to you uncomfortable alright not comfortable. So if that’s 15 push-ups through three sets of those. 

If it’s 20 push-ups and does that then you do two sets of narrow push-ups these are mostly to make your triceps look instantly bigger.

I know for a fact that your tea is gonna feel a little bit smaller and tighter after you do that routine because your muscles will get that pump and get a little bit bigger and swole.


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