How To Look Expensive: 10 Easy and Proven Steps

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I know so many guys, who always say man how to look expensive. if I was rich I would have the best outfits. Well let me tell you, you don’t have to be rich to look amazing as a matter of fact. 

A lot of times rich people start wearing some crazy expensive outfits thinking they’re killing it but in reality. They’re just lame. 


So I started thinking. I got the idea for this post how to look expensive when you’re broke AF in ten easy steps. 

Athleisure Clothing

Number one is kind of a funny tip but man this is absolutely true. Wearing athleisure clothing when you’re out running errands. 

A lot of people think they’re gonna run into celebrities. Celebrities are gonna be wearing all designer brands well living here in Los Angeles. 

I see celebrities almost every day and I can tell you from personal experience that nine out of ten times. They’re gonna be wearing workout gear it’s just facts. 

So wait for a sale like Black Friday or day after Christmas and get yourself some new workout gear for cheap. Then wear it out to run errands before you work out. 

I’m telling you, you’re gonna look like every celebrity here in LA plus. There is another reason for wearing athletic gear working out is hot. 

Hot man girls like when they see a guy that works out when I see a girl in athleisure in a ponytail yo that’s hot. So be smart to get some pieces on sale and rock it like a celebrity. 

Hide Price Tags(look expensive on a budget)

The second point is to hide your price tags and what I mean by that is to stop wearing branded pieces with big logos on them a little mystery is good. 

When it comes to prices what is the difference between a $20 and $100 white t-shirt if they look the same to people around you. 

There is no difference without a logo people will never know how much you paid and let’s not stop at white tees think jeans, jackets, hoodies all of the basics in your wardrobe should have no visible logos.


One of my style idols, all right David Beckham, he’s a great example of this most of his outfit made out of solid pieces usually pretty basic outfits nothing crazy no logos. 

It’s way more about how he puts everything together and how well everything fits him instead of what brands he’s wearing. 

Who knows how much this outfit costs, I have no clue it could be cheap but it could also be $10,000 because we all know he can afford it. 

As soon as you put that logo on you’re letting everyone around, you know exactly how much you paid for it and why would you do that, if you’re on a budget. 

You know it doesn’t have logos my brand-new limited-time clothing collection that just launched and is being sold online and in stores at North Sean

Because I want you to have the best wardrobe possible I want you to be able to mix and match everything that you own and with these items. 

You can do just that check this out you can literally wear everything in so many different ways the t-shirts are made of high-quality material. 

They’re stretchy they’re soft, the hoodie is made from the softest fleece, you can find and the black skinny jeans are stretchy and perfect you can mix and match. 

Glasses(look expensive without being rich)

Next thing that will make you look rich AF glasses and I’m not just talking sunglasses. I’m talking about regular glasses too both of these should be your best friends. 

All right instead of buying really expensive designer sunglasses get a couple of inexpensive ones. I have 25 bucks in my collection. 

We have them in black and in brown that’s really all you need if you’re on a budget and if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on sunglasses the thing is nobody’s really looking or trying to figure out who makes your sunglasses. 


No matter the price sometimes they even use the same exact manufacturer, so why not just pick up a few extra pairs and have more options.


You’re grooming dude it needs to be on point, all right this is something that you just cannot, I get it we get lazy sometimes. 

We skip some days and all of a sudden when you look in the mirror you look like Chewbacca. I’m not just telling you to trim your beard every week that’s a given guy that’s the low-level basic. 

I’m talking about your nails your nose hair your eyebrows, you can wear the most expensive in the world. 

But if you have hair coming out of your nose or your ears I’m a sorry dude you’re gonna look like crap, if your nails are dirty black gross right people are gonna think that you were digging a hole with your bare hands. 


Let me tell you one thing that rich people don’t do dig holes with their bare hands that’s enough ho jokes aside. 

You don’t need to be getting weekly manicures and pedicures whatever I don’t anything like that just look at your nails. 

Every day that’s it clean them clip them when that needs to happen and that’s really it basic hygiene guys and since we’re talking about being clean number five is:

Shoe Game

Clean your shoes you can’t look fresh with dirty old sneakers, I always talk about how fresh a pair of clean white sneakers is gonna look regardless of the price tag myself. 

I would take a fresh pair of Converse over dirty messed up Gucci sneakers any day of the week who cares how much they cost if they look horrible. 

You know it saves you money not having to buy new sneakers all the time because yours are getting ruined. 


So quickly buying things twice that’s a mistake buy it once and take really good care of it save your money. 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes pick up a couple of casual sneakers to keep them fresh. 

You’re not gonna regret it doesn’t be embarrassed to check out the clearance section either guy to make sure that you’re always seeing what’s available and saving some cash.

Tailored Suit

Next up always tailor your suits do not waste your money on a super expensive suit if it doesn’t fit you properly that’s terrible. 

But a very common mistake that most men make when they’re shopping for suits the most important thing is that suit has to fit you perfectly. 

You will look so much better with a cheap tailored suit than an expensive non-tailored suit I don’t even know if that’s a word but it sucks. 


All right most of my suits are from Zara or Indo Chino and they’re really affordable I just get them tailored and all of a sudden they look like I paid ten times that amount. 


Number seven guys let’s talk about your posture do you want to look more expensive than you have to look like you’re the guy in charge. 

We always talk about how first impressions are and when you walk into a room you can either see as a confidant. 

The guy who looks like he knows what he’s doing or the sleazy guy who has no idea and look. Yeah, this is gonna take some time in practice. 


But we all need to do it, all right pull your shoulders back stick your chest out, and make sure that you stand up straight you don’t want your body language to speak in any negative way before you even have a chance to talk. 

I used to put my hands in my pockets when I was nervous all the time. I’ll just do this you know I don’t do it anymore though. 

But I had to teach myself over and over again not to do this until I eventually stopped doing it if you think about it. 


All the successful businessmen, they look very confident and this helps them win people over with their new products their sales pitch or whatever it is they’re trying to do no. 

You know how I know that you’re rich you are carrying a leather week in their bag and you look like you mean business. 

I’ve always wanted a bag and I remember when I bought my first one a few years back, I felt like I was the man. 

But you don’t have to spend a ton of money on this Zara has duffle bags for like 60 bucks and they look super legit they might not be real leather. 

But who cares as long as it looks good to keep it simple keep it clean and keep it fresh you know the duffle bag is a stylish item that not every guy owns. 

Just because most basic dudes the reality is they’re gonna own backpacks and a weekender bag is a lot more masculine. It looks way more expensive than a backpack. 

Leather Jacket

Next, up guys make sure to get a leather jacket and I think this wouldn’t even be considered a TFH’s post without a leather jacket. 

Tip right probably not think about it you always see actors wearing leather jackets. 

I’m talking Chris Hemsworth Brad Pitt Tom Cruise Keanu Reeves literally all the coolest actors right now they own a leather jacket. 

I saw a lot of you already bought the leather jacket for my collection this thing is sick, so glad that you guys are loving. 


There are so many ways to style it mix and match it’s and create different looks. 

Which in turn means that you can own one leather jacket and wear all the time to make it look completely different look at how many ways. I styled my leather jacket in one of my latest posts it’s so easy. 

Last Tip To Look Expensive Fabric

The last tip of how to look expensive is guys one of the most important tips that always check the fabric. 

Forget the logo how about checking the fabric to make sure that the material is on the point that is way more important than anything else. 

Let me tell you guys I have some expensive clothes from designer brands that feel horrible to the touch. 

It’s not soft, it’s not nice it feels cheap and I have really affordable clothes that feel amazing they’re comfortable they’re soft they feel expensive. 

Even though they’re not whenever possible go to the store feel the fabric with your own hands try it on see. 

If it’s stretchy if it’s harsh on your skin if it scratches your skin for whatever reason make sure it feels nice as you guys know you can walk into a North’s room. 

I hope you got all the points on how to look expensive and you will definitely implement in your life. If you have any confusion, please comment below.





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