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How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast at Home – All right, let’s get into this article, everyone asks me how to get rid of acne at home, guys my skin was not always on point, all right teenagers usually go through a rough patch right hormones completely change your body.


We’re talking about your height your facial hair your skin of course, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

If you follow the tips that I have for you in this post. Your skin is gonna improve and the annoying pimples and acne will go away also.


First things first guys you need to do everything in your power to stop touching your face all over the day, we need to be careful right at school your hands are gonna be all over the desks. 

The computer keyboards and the books the toilets all of that bacteria will stick to your fingertips, so when you touch your face it gets transferred right into your skin, into your eyes, your nose, and into your mouth. 


I know in school, it’s normal to rest your face on your hands you know but tries not to do that. 

If you’re the kind of guy, who does that a lot and can’t stop washing your hands often with soap warm water to make sure that your hands are squeaky clean. 

You should be doing that anyway right wash your hands often and if you’re 18 or 19, you know if you’re driving then touching the steering, wheel touching the car, in general, that’s not super clean public places public bathrooms. 

You know they’re not clean always have a little bit of hand sanitizer on you, so you can be safe and clean. Because that bacteria can be transferred to your skin and cause acne in the breakout. 


Now you need to know how to get rid of acne fast, first what type of product how often you should use them, etc.

But the thing is everyone’s skin is different, so it’s very important that you find out what type of skin you have. 

There is five main skin tone:

  • Normal Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Sensitive Skin

Understanding the skin type that’s going to give you a much better idea of how to get rid of acne to get clear skin fast with normal skin. 

You’re usually fine you know but sometimes they make it oily or dry. It’s typically though the easiest skin to take care of dry skin to get rid of your acne

You have to stay away from products that are too harsh and that are going to dry out your skin even more and don’t take long showers, because that dries your skin even more with oily skin. 


You want to exfoliate twice a week because that buildup of oil can cause dead skin cells to become trapped in the pores and that leads to pimples. 

But you have to be careful just because you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean that you should be using like a super harsh product or chemicals, right to dry everything out start with something more gentle.

First, see how that affects your skin and then move on to different products. If it doesn’t get any better now dry and oily combination skin you have to use these techniques in different parts of your face. 


I have an oily forehead and oily nose but the dry, dry sides of my nose here and a jaw, so I usually exfoliate my nose, exfoliate my forehead and I stay away from oily products in those areas. 

Because I don’t want it to be more oily so I have a dry oily weird combination skin. Which is super annoying I have to be really careful with how I wash my face and you guys with sensitive skin. 

You just really have to be careful, when gentle with what you put on your face, you know to go easy do not exfoliate with anything that’s going to hurt your face. 


Read all of the ingredient labels you know always make sure to test the products in a small area before using it all over the face. 

If you have sensitive skin because otherwise you’re gonna go full red, you’re gonna hurt your face and that’s not gonna look good. 

Alright now that you know your skin type is time to go over how to get clear skin fast that every teen out there should develop it is nice and easy. 

You know that I work with a select number of skincare products here on this blog. I stand behind each and every one of them because they’re amazing you have to find something that works for your skin type. 

So whether you go with this or that product try it out you know to see what kind of results you’re getting at the fort a series. 

We are developing a skincare system as well and I can’t wait to share more with you guys and if you want to stay up to date on all the products that we’re developing just comment the bellow. 

You have to wash your face twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening to get rid of all the dirt all that gunk from your handsome face right after you wash your face. 


Then you have to moisturize regardless of your skin type, even if it’s oily you should moisturize it that’s gonna help your body regulate the number of oils being produced on your face. 

So moisturize after each time that you wash your face and exfoliating your face twice a week or so.


Alright if you have extra oily skin you can even do it three times a week as long as it’s a light exfoliant, exfoliant should feel a little bit sandy in your hands. 

They feel kind of weird, they feel gritty you know and they lightly scrub away all of those impurities that clog your pores that cause acne, so I love exfoliating my face my skin feels instantly better when I exfoliate. 

Because it gets rid of all those dead skin cells and reviews like nice fresh smooth skin which is what we all want right, so make sure to do it lightly. 

USE OF SUNSCREEN(Get Rid Of Acne at home)

You know you’re not trying to rip your face open, you’re just trying to lightly clean it, you know the one thing that you need to put on your face every day especially if you’re going out the sunscreen.

All right, you have to use sunscreen guys this is gonna save your skin for years to come. Trust me it’s never too early to start applying sunscreen on a daily basis, if I could go back in time this is what I would change about my skincare routine.


All right wearing sunscreen every single day, I don’t want permanent sunspots, I don’t want any wrinkles and I definitely do not want skin cancer. 

BE HYDRATE To Get Rid Acne(Get Rid Of Acne at home)

So starter something that you can’t forget to drink lots of water besides hydrating us. We are awesome of course waters gonna flush out all the toxins and all the impurities from our bodies. 

I know you are teens, you are you know busy with school, busy with sports friends, etc and sometimes you guys forget to drink water. 

So get an ice water bottle that you can take to school or wherever you’re going every single day when it’s reopened. 

So you can take that to school and not forget and make it a goal to drink two of those water bottles during the school hours or from like 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 


So you’re getting enough water in your body. We’re talking about better hair better you know sports performance and of course better skin just by drinking water. 

So why not for you who want to go above and beyond get some face masks. I know I’m not talking about the ones that everyone’s wearing right now as a state safe from the device even though you probably should get those too. 

I’m talking about the skincare products that you leave on your face for a while to make your skin look amazing. 

You know you can do any type of natural mask, if you want or you can buy one online from so many different brands, I like to put it on at night. 

CHANGE YOUR BEDDING(Get Rid Of Acne at home)

When I’m doing my to-do list or whatever and it changes your face completely, so a pro tip that changes your pillowcase often. 

All right pillowcases get super dirty because we sleep on them for eight hours a day, we sweat we drool what else comes out of our faces when we’re sleeping. I don’t know it’s gross just to think about it. 


All right so my personal advice is to get two sets of bed sheets including pillowcases so that you can change them every week while one’s washing. 

You have the other one ready to go and that way everything is clean and ready for your nights.

BONUS TIP (Get Rid Of Acne at home)

Go to a dermatologist don’t be afraid to go to a professional to talk to someone to see what kind of you know the help that you can get to make your skin look so much better to talk to your parents. 

If you follow these tips I can guarantee that you get rid of acne and get clear skin fast. If you have confusion, please comment below and share your ideas, we will discuss.


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