7 Shocking Secrets To Get Compliments For Girls

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I admit I like it when people give me compliments for girls doesn’t really matter if it’s from my mom or from a random person in the street a compliment will always make me feel good.

I know that when you dress up in the morning and you put on your special outfit whether it’s your new birthday gift or a special bomber jacket that you saved up for months to get you to want to get compliments for girls.

Well, we’re gonna go over some items that men wear that turned them into compliment magnets maggots compliment maggots like.


Nice Cologne smelling good is probably one of the most important things that people notice especially when they’re close to you. Trust me people care about the way that you smell especially girls.

If you smell good people are gonna start wondering where that scent is coming from and if he leads back to you guaranteed compliment it just adds something to your personal style and your.

You know you discover your personal scent it’s unique to you and that will give you compliments for girls.

Nice Shoes

Shoes are just one of those things that people judge you on if you’d like to dress up invest in some nice double marks that you can pair with chino jeans or a suit.

Go for some boots if you want to look taller or if you’re going for an edge here that badass look that people like if you really like street style, then go for some hype beastie shoes.


You know like EZ-ZOR off whites even though they might not be for everyone other guys who have similar tastes. 

You always notice and compliment you for wearing them whatever sure you decide on just make sure they’re clean. 

Make, sure that you love them that you absolutely love them, because if you do then other people do as well and that will automatically get you compliments for girls.

Watches (Get Compliments For Girls)

Watches everyone has a smartphone nowadays right so wearing a watch will make you stand out and elevate your look especially if it’s a cool looking watch.

I’ve been wearing Chronos in matte black a lot that watches all over. It’s probably my favorite right now. 

But on my trip here to the year, I brought the bellwether in black and red because it really stands out.

Let me know which watch is your favorite obviously I’ve been rocking this one but the Chrono s in matte black is my favorite at the moment so I’d love to know your opinion as well.

The Leather Jacket

leather jacket lets people know that you’re not playing around you’re not messing around you’re bringing out.

The big guns you see me wear mine all the time including today and it’s absolutely essential to my look the versatility to this jacket is.

Wear a hoodie with t-shirts and even dressing it up with a white dress shirt and a tie.

I know classic leather jackets aren’t really cheap they can cost a pretty penny but saving up for the right one is completely worth it and trust me it’s probably the best compliment getter I have in my wardrobe.

Trust me once you get your first leather jacket you’re gonna be pretty much addicted and you’re gonna want more.

Work Out(Get Compliments For Girls)

Working out you probably saw this coming, but there’s a lot of reasons why I can’t leave this one off the list.

When you start working out you basically start changing your body your physique your posture everything gets improved and once you lose the body fat surrounding your stomach and your face.


People instantly notice the difference your jawline will change it gets more structured, you know your arms will fill out the sleeves your shoulders will get wider and you’re a hundred percent gonna get more compliments for girls because everyone admires the effort that it takes to work out every single day. 

Fresh Haircut

Fresh haircut probably one of my favorite feelings of all time. If you want to start getting more compliments for girls.

If you want to feel more confident if you want to look sharp just get a fresh haircut that’s all. 

It takes or you could buy a Lamborghini but it’s a little bit more expensive than a haircut. I actually try to get my haircut done every two weeks or so to make sure that I don’t look crazy.

If you have longer hair you can actually go every month or so that’s fine especially if your hair doesn’t grow as fast as mine. I can always tell when guys get a cut it’s such an easy way to get compliments for girls.


Floral Shirts (Get Compliments For Girls)

Floral shirts now I didn’t really like four shirts up until very recently like this past summer. I just didn’t think it was my style but then I tried one I really liked it in the fitting room.

I wore it out I got a bunch of compliments and it became one of the most worn pieces that I had in my wardrobe.

All summer changes your personality right away it makes you more approachable and less serious eyes that it’s a nice change from your black and white and grey outfits. 

Right, it stands out it just thinks of it this way blending in is not gonna get you any compliments for girls standing out, in any way is way more likely to get you compliments.

Flora shirts definitely stand out so make sure you give it a try and trust me the compliments for girls are gonna start rolling in.


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