13 Chest Exercise For Men With (Pictures+Videos)

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Chest Exercise For Men – I’m here with the guest today Guru Jay Jay is a personal training to be teaching us the best¬†chest exercise for men¬†that you can do at home for your chest and Jay really likes to do like unorthodox exercises.


I’m excited about the  Chest exercise because you can do them right at home or in your backyard and they really work.

1. Pushups

Let’s start here with the first exercise being a regular but trustworthy pushup.

  • Go all the way down making sure to keep your body straight. 
  • Until you feel a nice stretch on your chest. 
  • Then you’re gonna push back up. 
  • Squeeze at the top then you’re gonna move your hands in close to each other.
  • For a narrow push-up, the wider push-up is gonna target. 
  • Your chest really well and the narrow push-up is definitely gonna get the chest as well. 
  • But also engage the triceps more. 

So then the other one and these seem really easy at first but they burn right after just a few reps I recommend you to do a total of ten to twelve of these before moving on to the next chest exercise for men


I also recommend you do these with a friend you know maybe your gym buddy you can come over to your place and you guys can do these exercises instead to change it up and try something new. 

It’s always good to change up exercises, especially if you’ve hit a plateau with your goals if you’re traveling with a friend or maybe many friends this is the perfect chest workout while you’re on the go.

You can do the chest exercise anywhere in the world without any equipment.

2. Wide Push-Ups(chest workout)

We’re going for the really wide push-ups targeting one side and then the other this is actually the first time that I’ve ever done these that’s why I love working out with Jay. 

He always brings the heat and knows what’s gonna burn my muscles, so he challenges me and it’s always a good fee after even though it kills at first. 

  • Start with one arm straight out. 
  • The other in a regular push-up position does six to eight of these. 
  • Then switch and do the other side. 
  • it’s sneak up on you if it was really easy at first not really easy. 

But they feel easier at first and then it starts burning up like crazy just make sure your form is good here that is the most important thing.

3. Next Chest Exercise For Men

We’re gonna have a little fun all right, of course, we got Jay here he’s showing off a little bitch and some air from the pushups. 

  • Clapping mid-air this is gonna bring your chest to the max. 
  • Do you train to be explosive and really pushing up as hard as you can to get some air. 
  • But you also have to be fast enough to clap and strong enough to stop yourself from falling on your chest after you’re coming down. 
  • I will say be careful during these. 
  • They can be a little bit dangerous at first when you’re learning. 
  • But when you get the hang of it it’s some really fun exercise. 

So you know maybe start with three or four if that’s all you can do and move up to eight to ten of them. 

Now your chest is probably burning up and that’s good that’s the whole point right that medium t-shirt it’s gonna feel like it’s small and that large you’re gonna feel like a medium. 

Because your chest is gonna have that pump that we all like but there’s more for this.

4. Next Chest Exercise For Men

Now this time: 

  • Put your feet up on a higher surface.
  • The floors can be a bench if you’re at home it can be a bed a chair. 
  • Now, the secret is really to feel the stretch at the bottom.
  • Then squeeze as hard as you can at the top ten of these will do the trick. 
  • Then we actually rotate to work out the lower chest and these tend to be a little bit easier.

So they’re great for beginners you know. 

You know the higher you go the more difficult it gets just don’t be obnoxious, alright this right here is high enough you’re gonna get a great chest exercise from this it’s gonna work out your upper chest.


But since it is the last chest exercise of the circuit trust me, it’s still gonna hurt like I said though you got to make sure:

  • You’re squeezing at the top and that’s gonna burn. 
  • Try the spider-man push-up yep these are no joke. 
  • I beat Jay on this one here and that doesn’t happen very often. 
  • I also want to leave you guys with a bonus challenge, okay. 

So I got really happy here and accomplished I felt really accomplished felt good that’s why I was so excited. 

5. Next Chest Exercise For Men

We don’t start with a Walmart with a resistant band here doesn’t get some blood flowing into your pecs, so firstly just going;

  • presses with neutral grip presses. 
  • Rolling 20 reps pressing good control why you through it whoa down slow 
  • Just getting the pump blood flowing through your chest warming up. 
  • Once you get 20 on those there we go and change it 
  • Change the angle we’re gonna go with the plies, so with the flat bits 
  • You just want to work on getting the sprint. 

So coming down spreading the chest and just really that’s gonna go hot rip my sense of 12 on this one, you want to come down right to it tattoo it a slow tap and then squeeze the control back up. 

Make sure our elbows drop and with these, you want to hit five sets with it being the first exercise we’re going just to really get that pump high volume to blow the chest up taking both sets of 12 on these right. 

Here write it as heavy as you can go good grip, I saw you are doing it the way that was not really invasive. 


It takes a look off the grip like just more rigid more on the test got it are you doing it that way like that. 

If I just out of he’s gripping on European like I just mass listen down we got, I’ll give it a try good difference what flies will come here. 

So work on the pop fly through the pop pop come here making the chest pop out a little bit, so we come with the squeeze, we’ll get a three-second hole three-second homes. 

All right we’re gonna shake your whole each one you get getting pop come here one two three get back in one two and come wide as you can without straightening it out your honor take the press off your dip run it coming in a bit more the chest boom. 

So bending the elbows in when you coming back but still wanna be wise how happy should we be going on this only. 

So you’re gonna go heavy the first ones first cops heavies lie in for 15 and then 12 and then 10 or scope is gonna be kind of light. 

we can get that what is it I got three-down squeeze you want to pump their blood to the muscles that are a target and then stretch it in the back. 

6. Incline Natural Push-Ups

It burns you’re going incline we’re gonna work on the separation getting the separation between the shoulder in the chest as we gonna go dumbbell from coming deep always to the chest press into the tops.

We’re going deep stretching out chest to happen elbow just getting the dumbbell tap right at the test squeeze with the timer to the top don’t getting separation from the chest and the shoulder. 

So we wanna fly said personally we’re going to different variations and the person this gets a stance stagger your stance. 

Whichever way you can go either way, whichever way Geetha most leverage and foundation won’t come from the top slight lean over we’re gonna hit the focus on the upper chest. 


It’s like lean hold down squeeze them that’s the same concept, we did with the flies, we don’t want them coming why do I want to put that pressure on your delts. 

So we’re gonna begin I know about to work the lower chest you got to have a full well-rounded test it won’t have a big upper and not work your lower chest. 

The same concept same stance they’re gonna stagger it be excessive on how your chest up a bit are we coming up angling upright to your chin good squeeze good control down. 

You can stroll it awake up don’t let the weight swing back total control it all the way through the top control through the bottom boom big chest. 

7. Elated Push Ups Chest Exercise For Men

Are you ready to totally destroy that incredible chest of yours and the answer is, “Yes” drop me one of these to be like? Let’s do this, so here’s the deal we are all stuck at home. 

I thought it’d be a great opportunity to actually take you through one of my favorite chest exercises for men and tricep home exercise. 

The only thing you’re gonna need for this chest workout is your sexy as body and two chairs now you could use folding chairs or you could use like dining room chairs. 

I’ve created three different chest exercises and triceps supersets each superset you’re gonna do three times before moving on to the next one. 


Now the thing you need to understand if you’re new to this if you’re not used to working out, you need to just listen to your body. 

If you try any of the exercises and you’re like couch it out but that hurts right that is a sign that you probably don’t need to be doing that chest exercise or we need to modify it. 

I’m going to attempt to show you some modifications to make all of the chests exercises a little bit easier. 

So the in the case of straight-up push-ups, all right we’re warming our chest our shoulders and triceps up.

Alright, our hands are going to be about shoulder-width apart your body is going to be nice and straight and you are coming down with and remember gentlemen just like all of the other workout. 

I talked a lot about the form I also talked about the speed alright the speed in which you perform the chest exercise is going to be the difference between you actually feeling it and getting in there and destroying those muscle fibers.

8. Knee Drive Push-Ups

You’re just going through the motions, alright we’re shooting for:

  • 10 to 15 push-ups.
  • If this is a little bit too challenging.
  • I want you to do to modify is just go to your knees write anything.
  • I show you in terms of a push-up. 
  • You can always try it on your knees.
  • But if not you’re right, we are going nice and slow. 

Alright, 10 to 15 reps when you’re finished you’re going right into what I call a close grip push-up gonna grab the chair from the outside right you’re gonna be right. 

Your body is nice and straight you’re coming down and you’re squeezing up. 

9. Plank Push-Ups(chest workout)

All right down and down and squeeze up down squeeze, alright notice once again go nice and slow little pause at the bottom pause at the top and the whole idea is that you’re squeezing the chest. 

This is an incredibly challenging exercise right after push-ups all right. We’re going 10,12 maybe 15 reps depending on you and how you’re feeling. 

After you’re finished we’re going right into tricep dips, so for tricep dips, I’m gonna be using two chairs. If you have any shoulder issue this is not a great exercise for you. 

If you’re not strong enough you can always put your feet down and let your feet sort of assisting you in doing this exercise.

Go your feet are straight you’re coming down and you’re pressing up down and up-down down and up and rest, so that is your first set. 

Alright, what I want you to do now is rest for about 60 seconds. 

Now, if you want to do some type of active rest whether or not it’s crunches, step-ups, or just like side taps like just moving whatever you want to do.

But you’re resting for about 60 seconds, if you just need to sit down chill get a drink do that, I don’t care when you’re finished and you’re ready to start it again after three sets of that superset gentlemen. 

Your chest your tries are gonna be screaming, but if you’re ready for more gentlemen it all starts with the next set you’re gonna need your chairs. 

All right what you’re going to do is place them a little wider than shoulder-width apart and then what you’re going to perform for your first exercise is chair push-ups. 

You’re coming down through your hand down hold it and all right now if you want to make this a little bit easier you can always go to your knees do it there.

10. Tricep Push-Ups

Now you could also make this more challenging if you got a third chair and when you’re finished you’re going down into tricep push-ups. Now I call them tricep push-ups. 

Because instead of your arms being widened your elbows going out your elbows are actually going to be sliding in close tight to your body. 

So it looks like this your hands are a little bit more narrow now than regular push-ups and your elbows right there see that boom pressing up down and up. 

When you’re finished as many as you can do ten to fifteen somewhere in that range.

11. Next Chest Exercise For Men

The next and third exercise for this one is what I call an isometric chest squeeze the way that you’re going to do it. 

You’re going to place your hands together and all you’re doing is pressing as hard as you can right there. 

Press your palms together squeezing your chest hard one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then relax. 

All right stretch it out a little bit about five seconds and again you’re going to shoot four-five of these. 

Right? now, if you don’t want to press here you can also press here you can even just like squeeze your pecs together. 

If you understand like muscle control and understand how to actually get the contraction but pressing your palms together hold them for ten seconds this is a destroyer of pecs. 

You’re doing five holds for ten seconds and then you’re resting for 60 damn my pecs are pumped gentlemen and your pecs are gonna be in Fuego. 

If you give this a try so we’ve made it through the two first supersets, there’s one more that’s even more advanced that’s going to just absolutely destroy you. 


But the whole premise and idea behind this workout are to get in there to those muscle fibers right work them super hard damage them a little bit. 

When we eat protein it’s actually the amino acids in the protein that goes in and rebuilds those muscle fibers bigger and stronger speaking of protein. 

Let’s talk a little bit about why I am so in love with beans I have tried a ton of why proteins over the years and beam there is nothing. 

I have found that is smoother that tastes better that is higher-quality and the reason is that beam controls their entire supply chain. 

All right they source all the ingredients the best way to think of it as farm-to-table. 

Right, they even have their own like flavor house beam’s goal is to create superior products to everything out on the market in terms of quality in terms of taste the one thing. 

I absolutely love about their whey protein isolate is that they’ve added digestive enzymes. 

I’m telling you, guy, they are next level in terms of quality for you out there that are vegan they’re vegan protein. 

I tried it I’m like no way because I’m used to the vegan protein being all like gritty and nasty and disgusting this stuff is insane. 

It’s delicious it’s also super smooth but most importantly the absorbability of their protein is better than other vegan proteins. 

The reason is that they use the mung bean has like a super high leucine content this vegan protein is ridiculous something else for you guy out there. 

They’re like a pre-workout their pre-workout is insane, it’s not going to make you all like nervous and jittery and the reason is that once again the ingredients they use real caffeine natural caffeine. 

As opposed to this synthetic on that you find in 99.9% of other pre-workouts resulting in super clean energy that’s not going to leave you. 

All like crazy jittery and nervous something else Bheem offers that I have been loving is their collagen peptide. 


Now collagen there’s all sorts of like incredible benefits to using it, but I supplement it with my protein shake like after. 

I’m done working out a scoop of this in a shaker bottle with a scoop of this right a little bit of almond milk maybe some water. 

I’ll shake it up sensually collagen is the most abundant protein in your body your connective tissues. 

What happens is when you supplement with it’s going to help strengthen, your hair, your skin help you like anti-age this stuff is ridiculous. 

Guys beam is doing some incredible things the supplements are next level in terms of quality and I think you’re absolutely going to love them as much as I do.

12. Next Chest Exercise

Alright, gentlemen third and final superset you’re gonna need these chairs you have any idea what we’re doing first exactly we’re doing bodyweight dips. 

Now you got to test out your chairs and make sure that they’re not going to tip on you, alright it’s about finding the balance, but what you’re doing is a chest dip. 

Then down stretch and up if the fitness gods came down and said you can only choose one chest exercise to do for the rest of your life.


What would it be I’d be like your bodyweight dips no questions asked gentlemen bodyweight dips are one of the greatest chest triceps shoulder exercises out there. 

I absolutely love bodyweight dips now this exercise is challenging, alright if you’re not ready for that you can always put your feet on the ground and give yourself a little help as much help as you want. 

You also need to make sure when you’re performing this at home with chairs that you’re careful you got to make sure that the chairs are sturdy and can support you. 

Alright depending on you your body weight the chairs you might need to test this out and actually start with your feet first the really cool thing about this chest exercise depending on where you place the chairs. 

You can actually increase the intensity and how hard it is, alright but you got to make sure you listen to your body also pay attention to make sure those chairs don’t slide. 

If you feel any pain in your shoulder you might not want to actually do this exercise but for me like I said this exercise is one of the absolute best exercises you can do for your chest. 


Anywhere anytime including at home now you’re going to do as many as you can, alright I would say probably shoot for 8 to 10,15 somewhere in that neighborhood. 

When you’re finished, you’re going to go right down into push-ups right push-ups your form still is super solid right body nice and straight. 

Alright hands a little bit wider than shoulder-width right up there, you’re going to shoot for ten reps now by this point in your workout. 

You’re Chester tries your shoulders absolutely toast, but when you’re finished with ten to twelve push-ups you’re gonna finish this off with some incline push-ups you’re getting a chair. 

You’re putting your feet up on the chair and you are going down and gentlemen when you’re finished your packs are going to be pumped. 

They have never been pumped before your triceps also get an incredible workout one of the reasons. 

Why I love to do chest and triceps together is because when you’re working the chest your triceps are the muscle that is actually like kind of helping and so you don’t need to do as much in order to target those tries. 

If you can only do a little bit now, no problem it’ll give you something to work towards and shoot for if you want to mix it up maybe.

13. Next Chest Exercise For Men

Next workout starts in reverse order starting with the third and then go to the second set and then the first set you get it it’s all about you do not worry about how long it takes. 

You do not worry about what you can do or what you can’t do nobody is reading its fitness this is a personal journey and this is for you not only is exercise going to help you get super freakin sexy by the time. 

I hope you understand all the points on the chest exercise for men. If you have any confusion please comment below. 





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