Millionaire Morning Routine | 7 Secrets Revealed

I guess the wiser I get the more, I understand why having the right millionaire morning routine can change in your life.  It’s the beginning of a millionaire morning routine, it’s a chance to start fresh it’s the opportunity to give it you’re all.  So this post is extremely important for you, trying to move forward trying to achieve your […]

How To Wear A Watch? 10 Secrets You Never Know

We are talking about my favorite accessory for men. Something that I think every guy should have talked of course about how to wear a watch.  Right here most of you already know about my passion for watches. You know? I just love the way it completes outfits like.  Whether you’re walking a suit you know when you have […]

How To Look Expensive: 10 Easy and Proven Steps

I know so many guys, who always say man how to look expensive. if I was rich I would have the best outfits. Well let me tell you, you don’t have to be rich to look amazing as a matter of fact.  A lot of times rich people start wearing some crazy expensive outfits thinking they’re killing it but in reality. They’re […]