10 Best & Cool Hairstyles | For Men With Pictures 2020

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When I was a teen, I had no idea about the best & cool hairstyles. I didn’t know which hairstyle would look the best on me. 

So, I ended up trying a bunch of different ones some actually look good while others not so much, so I decided to write the article/blog post for best & cool hairstyles for men that are trying to take their looks to the next level. 


If you don’t know what hairstyle you should go for in this article is for you. I’m actually giving you guy 10 best hairstyles for men options, so you definitely find something from. 

I’m also providing you pictures so you can easily understand which one syle you have to be adopted Starting with number one which.


Now, this is the look that teens should go for, if they’re trying to look a little bit older or if you’re going for a more classy vibe, as a lot of you guys know and I’ve been also growing out the sides myself. 

You know I think it adds a little maturity to the style it almost makes it look more professional and you can style it in a few different ways. 

You can decide if you want the top to be short and flat for a more dapper look or you can add some volume as I’d have added for something a little different. 


This is a great style for you guys, who are just now getting your first jobs going on interviews or if you want to show people that you’re mature. 

You know I mean like and ready to get things done, but also your stylish and you are cool. It’s definitely not a boring loo,k it’s actually one of my favorites of all time and is it’s literally never going out of style. 


They are everywhere at the moment you see a guy rocking this cool hairstyle sin a lot of different ways. You can kind of pick and choose what to do with your sides for this cut. 

But I’m gonna say you should probably go for a high bald fade hairstyle because that’s gonna give you a more edgy look and I think that looks really, really awesome. 


If you don’t want to be that edgy you don’t want any skin showing then a low taper hairstyle is another great choice. It does really matter if you want to go high or low fade. 

But it should definitely be a fade that’s gonna make this look ten times better, so make sure they get your fade touched up every two weeks or so this is also cool hairstyle option for you. 

If anyone, who is letting your hair grow, you know maybe you’re not sure what to do when it reaches that awkward stage, which is so annoying get dreads my man and you’re good. 

TEXTURED QUIFF Best and Cool Hairstyles

The quiff might just be my favorite one on this list. All right especially for teens, I think it’s probably one of the most popular haircuts, where and best men hairstyles right now you basically have short sides like shorter sides. 

You know you can decide if you want to fade you want to be tapered if you want longer sides like mine which not that long, but you know a little bit longer. 

But then you can have the longer hair on top and it’s usually styled forward and upwards to add volume and texture like the name says. 


You can play around with the height you know to go with what you think looks best on you. I’ve had the best hairstyle a bunch of times and I’ll be honest. 

I always get compliments, it’s a crowd-pleaser and by cloud, I mean everyone likes it girls included girls who think that you look great and even guys are gonna compliment you. 

Because they know that you are looking fly they can’t deny it. The secret with most of these cool and best hairstyles for men are gonna be the hair styling products that you’re using. 

You know you can’t achieve a textured quiff for example with the low hold shiny finished product that’s not gonna give you any texture. You’re gonna need strong hold low shine and high texture.

It’s just for say right now nothing else and that’s because they hold on for the clay is unlike any other, I spent almost two years developing this thing. 

Alright, I can’t even compare it to other products because it’s unfair the thing is. It’s insane it’s like the most reliable product I’ve ever used. 

So it’s not gonna let you down halfway through the day your hair is gonna stay in place all day long it’s also a low shine finish, so you’re not gonna look like a wet baby seal. 

You know your hair is gonna have a beautiful natural finish kind of like what’s going on right now plus the texture is great.

MODERN BUZZCUT Best and Cool Hairstyles

When I went to military school right so trust me I know a lot about buzz cuts because I actually had a buzz cut for years and honestly some days I kind of miss it. 

You know I love having long hair and being able to play around with it. I think it looks really good but not gonna lie. 

I miss the simplicity and the masculinity of a buzz cut sometimes it was just so easy to take care of your hair.

I’m kind of jealous sometimes you know because the man who has modern buzzcut he can just jump in the pool and then get out and take a picture as a second later doesn’t even have to worry about his hair. 


So I’m a little bit jealous, to be honest with you, it’s so manly and it’s a classic look like. I think every guy has to try it at least once. 

Because it’s one of those cuts that you have no idea what you are going to look like until you just do it you know, so try it out as a teenager I think it’s the perfect time to give it a go. 

SLICK BACK Best & Cool Hairstyles

Another best men’s hairstyle that I had for a really long time was the popular slicked back. Because of this style you know you can just kind of like brush it back and that’s it. 


It’s super easy to style it looked great the length on top can vary for this look, so you can have short slicked back hair for a more professional look or along your style to spice it up and give it a more edgy look. 

THE POMPADOUR Best and Cool Hairstyles

You guy know how much I love this cut right it’s just, it’s stylish it’s such a cool cut the thing about this cut though. It’s gonna take a lot of work to keep you looking amazing. 

But, if you’re a teen and if you can rock this cut trust me you’re gonna look pretty cool man. You guys know, how much I wish I had a pompadour in school. 

I would have been the coolest looking kid in school the thing is you have to keep the sides looking nice you know and you have to keep that volume on top. 


So it stands this is the best hairstyle for men that literally takes up more space as a lot of space, so it makes you stand out makes. 

You get noticed and of course, make sure that you’re applying for the series text your clay to keep your hair up all day and get the best volume possible. 

SIDE PRAT W/ UNDERCUT(Best & Cool Hairstyles)

This is a similar cut to the slicked-back one as I mentioned earlier because it’s also an undercut which means the sides are gonna be really short. 

But instead of slicking it backward you’re gonna kind of like slick it or part it to the side here to give it a more classy look this is a really popular cut for teens. 

It’s only getting more and more popular with you know celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt rocking this cool hairstyle on the red carpet like it looks so sick. 


I think you guys should definitely give it a try it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance, it’s still a side part which means you do have to add some product and salad every day, but it’s actually super simple. 

THE CURLY FRINGE Best and Cool Hairstyles

If you’re a guy and you have a little curl action happening this is a must try a hundred percent get a nice fade or a taper on the sides and let that top just like fall let it fall over your forehead. 

Your bangs like it the curly fringe is just awesome, I actually did this cut on my hair not too long ago  I tried it again when my hair is a little bit longer this time do I think it’s gonna look even better. 


If the hair falls all the way down to my nose next time, so what do you guys think should I try it again, or is that a nope pass. 


It’s a catchy name and it’s a catchy the best and cool hairstyle as well the faux hawk it’s just so unique. You know it’s like you design it whichever way you want it to go as long as it’s pushed forward and pointed in the ends then you’re good. 

I’m Brazilian andBrazilians for whatever reason man we just loved Forks, all right it’s like if you watch soccer or football you see that so many Brazilian players rock this cool hairstyle


So you can either do it a little bit more messy a little cleaner, it’s up to you there are a ton of ways to style a faux hawk. 

If you don’t have straight or wavy hair that a dreaded faux hawk is also a really cool option for teenagers you’re gonna look like a star. 

FRENCH CROP(Best & Cool Hairstyles)

The French crop is just another really cool choice for teens, it’s easy to do in the morning before school which doesn’t take a lot of maintenance and it looks fresh. 

If you have a nice texture a nice wave then you can go for like a messy French crop look, it’s gonna look sick I keep seeing this best and cool men hairstyle.

I would say try it out also something really important if you don’t like your hairline or your forehead for whatever reason. 


Alright, it’s a great way to hide those features so people focus you know on the other parts of your body that you want to show off. 

If you’re one of those lucky teens that can grow a beard then a beard looks really sick with this cut as well.

CONCLUSION Of Best & Cool Hairstyles

I hope you guys learned a lot of things about your hairstyle. These points also clear your confusion that which one you should choose the best and cool hairstyles for yourself.

If you still confused you can comment below or contact me at contact@twentyfashionhub.com.


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